Hi, I'm Hoang Vo

I am a curious learner, a practical thinker, a tech-savvy person, and your good friend.

I do quite lots of things

I am an average guy who does Computer Programming, Graphic Design, Photography, and a bunch of other wacky things.

I have been bricking phones since 2010, tackling code since 2012, breaking the Web since 2015, shattering camera shutter since 2016, and being a good human being since forever.

The Web

I am a Javascript developer, comfortable with React frameworks such as Gatsby.js and Next.js. At the same time, I am building apps with Node.js and powering APIs with GraphQL.

I am obsessed with the latest technologies such as Serverless and Container. I am serious about making the Web faster, one millisecond of latency at a time.

The Technology

I am interested in how we can improve human's behaviors and strengthen the integrity of the IoT.

I advocate for better privacy in the digital ages. Companies need to step up in their efforts to tackle their users' privacy issues while minimizing their own roles in such issues.

The Art

I am an enthusiastic photographer, loyal to the Sony ecosystem. I mostly do portrait and landscape, but I also play around with photo manipulation.

Back in the day, I was a graphic designer for local organizations. I also do digital music composition from time to time using FL Studio.

Come find me

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